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Cascade de Cubserviès

A treasure of the Black Mountain

To admire the Cascade de Cubserviès go to the hamlet of the same name, at the top of a rocky peak.
Enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Rieutort Valley, in the heart of the Montagne Noire.

You can also see it from the beautiful village of Roquefère.

The Sambrès plateau dominates this part of the Montagne Noire with its softwood cover. It drains several streams that meet and form the Rieutort. The river engages in a fault of the rock to form the Cascade of Cubserviès.

It consists of several projections and is almost 90 meters high, the visible part reaches 35 meters! The view from the small hamlet offers an enchanting sight.

The waterfall is observed from the promontory of Cubserviès.
To appreciate the richness of this unique environment, go and hike!


You can combine your visit to the cascade with a stop nearbij: Roquefère.

This typical village, labeled “village of character”, is located in a meander of the Rieutort Valley, in the hollow of the Montagne Noire. It benefits from natural protection. Rich in a castle listed as a Historical Monument since 1985, this village is also the scene of the musical festival “Jazz under the Chestnut” every summer. An idyllic setting for a jazz night!

From the heights of Roquefère, admire the beautiful Cascade de Cubserviès, 80 meters of waterfall. A wild and impregnable site! Click here to view some pictures.

Roquefère is an unavoidable site of the Montagne Noire! It offers nature lovers quality walks in the heart of a preserved and green environment.

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