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Cirque de Mourèze

The Cirque de Mourèze is known for its special rock formations. It’s a hiking experience!

This landscape is near the town of Mourèze, just south of the Lac du Salagou. This special landscape is known as one of the most beautiful parts of nature in the Hérault department.

The beautiful landscape of the Cirque du Mourèze is the result of a process of millions of years of erosion. This has created the many special rock formations. This area was already inhabited since prehistoric times. Several hill forts and caves have been found that show that people lived in this area from hunting. Despite the fact that this area was inhabited so early in history, this landscape has remained virtually untouched over the centuries. With the rise of tourism in southern France, many soon discovered the many beautiful, sometimes strange rock formations. It was therefore decided to construct different walking routes in this area, so that everyone can explore this special landscape on their own!

If you spend your holiday in the Hérault department and enjoy walking, a visit to this beautiful nature reserve is more than worthwhile. There are various walking routes in this area, each varying in distance and difficulty. When you decide to visit this beautiful area yourself, it is definitely worth taking your camera with you. The special rock formations in this area are perfect for taking beautiful pictures.

A walk through this nature reserve can easily be combined with a trip to the nearby Lac du Salagou. Especially, after an extensive walk along the various rock formations, a dip in the lake of Salagou could be a welcome cooling off. Never forget to take extra drinks before starting your walk in the Cirque, as it can get really hot in there!

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